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Maserati Levante UK Launch


How everything started

To support the UK launch party of The Maserati Levante, S+L created four bespoke cocktails that encapsulated the feeling of driving this luxury car.

The evenings delicious menu was created by world renowned Chef Francesco Mazzei, with S+L working alongside Fancesco to ensure a perfect cohesion between food and drinks. 

S+L managed and delivered the full bar service for 200 guests, using some of the top bartenders, including the Italian maestro Simone Caporale.


Off road Bellini

Going off-road raises the hairs on the back of the neck and opens up the senses.

The geraniums and magnolia bring the spring air through the windows and the white peach is like clouds in your rear- view mirror. With prosecco as smooth as a V6 engine and organic rye vodka like rustic earth in the grip of tyres.


The Engine

The roar of a powerful engine is the sound of immense satisfaction.

Luxury sipping rum reflects that warmth of feeling, blended with a sophisticated, elegant chestnut honey and flavours of leather from the tailored interior. With Amaro and oak droplets providing the power from an engine of steel and smoke.


Levante sling

Levante is a wind that can turn from mild to gale force strength in an instant.

Through the crisp botanicals and bitter fruit each sip is like an invigorating?and refreshing breeze, like putting your foot down and feeling the acceleration.

At the heart of the Sling, the gust of a citrus sancho peppercorn builds and?explodes with flavour on the tongue. 


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